Wear & Care

With the right care and approach, you'll be able to wear your clothes even longer and shop more sustainably when needed.

Product Care

Frequent laundering and tumble drying cause clothes to wear off faster.

  • Wash your clothes less frequently
  • Wash in cool or warm water to prevent shrinking
  • Hand wash instead of machine wash
  • Air dry your Organic Pima Cotton clothes instead of tumble drying

Disposal? Not so Fast!

When you think it's time to move on, stop! Before you throw away your clothes, think about what else you could use them for. There's always a better option than disposal that will prevent your clothes from ending up in landfill for a few extra years:

  • Repair
  • Repurpose
  • Resell
  • Exchange
  • Donate
  • Upcycle

We made it easier for you to repair your AYA clothes. You can now purchase repair tools and kits as a part of our Circularity program.

When there's nothing else your clothes can be used for, you can still avoid throwing most of them in the trash and instead:

  • Recycle (find a recycling center or bin near you)
  • Biodegrade (only 100% natural clothes like AYA)

Buying New Clothes

When you need new clothes, make sure you buy what's best for you and the planet. So, how do you shop more consciously and sustainably?

  • You research the brand and their ethos
  • You read the label to avoid buying synthetic clothes
  • You choose the right fit and size
  • You buy used clothes
  • Your new clothes easily match the clothes in your wardrobe
  • You only buy what you need and will use for many years