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Fabric: 100% Organic Pima Cotton
Fabric Dye: Low Impact Dyes (GOTS)
Fabric Finishing: Silicone (OEKO-TEX)
Thread: 100% Pima Cotton
Thread Dye: Reactive Dye
Label: 100% Organic Cotton
Label Ink: Synthetic (GOTS)

Plastic-Free Ingredients

Luxurious Pima. Unbelievably Soft.

2 Pack - Baby Boy Organic Pima Cotton Sleeveless Romper

2 Pack - Baby Boy Organic Pima Cotton Sleeveless Romper

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Romper 1


Low Impact Dyes:

Romper 2


Low Impact Dyes:

Microplastic-Free World

We put a stop to plastic pollution.

We use only natural materials: 100% Organic Cotton fabric sewn with 100% Cotton threads. Even our labels are 100% Cotton.

This is the first step in making our entire catalog petroleum-free and biodegradable.

One-Country Supply Chain

We perfected the supply chain.

No more international supply chain with a high carbon footprint and no transparency.

Our cotton is cultivated, spun into yarn, knitted into fabric, and sewn into the perfect Sleeveless Romper in our studio, exclusively in Peru.

100% Organic Pima Cotton

We redefined sustainability.

This is not just another organic Sleeveless Romper. We use Pima Cotton, native to Peru, that uses zero toxic chemicals.

Peruvian Pima is the parent fiber to all premium cotton, unbelievably soft and breathable.

Fabric Care

• Machine wash cold
• Tumble dry low

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Soft and Sustainable Baby Romper

Experience the comfort and style of our Sleeveless Romper for your little one perfect for any occasion made from the finest Pima fibers and perfectly constructed in our studio in Peru; but this Sleeveless Romper is still so much more...

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Comfort Never Looked So Cute

Long and smooth Pima Cotton staple fibers, native to Peru, offer supreme quality and extraordinary softness.

  • Resistant to wrinkling and pilling
  • Longer durability
  • Silky soft on the skin
  • Hypoallergenic



Let's End Plastic

The first step of our ongoing mission to become a petroleum-free brand, is creating 100% plastic-free clothes.

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One Studio, One Country, One Mission

We use natural local resources and a short transparent supply chain on our mission to teach you how clothes should be made.


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100% Plant Dye Collection

Our 100% Natural Dye fabrics go the next step in making the most sustainable clothes. This collection doesn't contain any toxic or synthetic dyes, and it's designed to leave no trace in the environment at the end of the garment's lifespan.

Our natural colors:

  • Natural White: Undyed cotton
  • Natural Blue: Indigo leaves
  • Natural Gray: Eucalyptus leaves
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Complete Your Baby's Look